• Date: 760 BC (Assyrian Empire)
  • Theme: God loves and cares about all nations, even when His people don’t.
  • Key Verse(s): Jonah 4:2-3 He prayed to the LORD, “Isn’t this what I said, LORD, when I was still at home? That is what I tried to forestall by fleeing to Tarshish. I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity. Now, Lord, take away my life, for it is better for me to die than to live.”
  • YouTube: For a brief video synopsis, visit and click on “The Bible Project Synopsis” for Jonah.


What is the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

Discuss with your group a summary of chapters 1-2.

Read Jonah 3 and 4 (they’re short chapters!). Jonah despised the Ninevites, and probably had good reason to do so. Read Nahum 3:1-4, which is a description of Nineveh. What were the charges against the city?

God gave Jonah a second chance to warn Nineveh of the coming judgment. How did Nineveh respond? What were the signs of their repentance? What was God’s response to their repentance?

Read Jonah 2:1-9 and 4:2-3. What is the difference in Jonah’s attitude in these two prayers? What does this reveal about Jonah’s heart?

Are you surprised at Jonah’s attitude? Why or why not?

Have you ever been angry because of God’s forgiveness toward someone else? If so, why?

What does Jonah 4:11 reveal about God’s compassion for the lost? How do you view the lost?

How do you feel about the fact that God loves your “enemies”, and desperately wants them to accept the same grace offered to you?

The book ends abruptly with God asking Jonah “Should I not have concern for the great city of Nineveh.…?” What do you think Jonah did next?


Is there something God has called you to that you are not doing? Or an attitude you have towards others that you know is not from God? Pray, asking Him to show you what needs to be changed. Ask the Spirit to give you the courage and desire to do what is necessary to have God’s heart for the lost.

Follow the reading plan for the Book of Micah this week:

  • Monday 7/9            1
  • Tuesday 7/10          2
  • Wednesday 7/11    3-4
  • Thursday 7/12        5-6
  • Friday 7/13              7


Read Matthew 8:24-27. How is this story similar to Jonah’s in Jonah 1? How is it different?

Jesus mentions Jonah in Matthew 12:38-41 and Luke 11:29-32. List below the similarities and the differences between these two passages:

Who approached Jesus? What did they demand from Him? Why would this elicit the reaction it did from Jesus?

Why do you think Jesus used Jonah as an illustration?

What do you think He meant by “the sign of the prophet Jonah”?


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